What has happened to Dover? In 2017, the population was estimated around 31,400, the largest city in New Hampshire’s Seacoast region. Did its expansion begin as flow over from Portsmouth? Was there a shift in the affordability in Portsmouth that pushed a lot of the younger folks to Dover in order to be able to have a little better product for a little less money? Did that spur the growth in the Downtown? Were the planning and administrative departments paying attention to the influx of younger folks and reacting to it appropriately?  

For whatever the answers to these questions may be, Dover has arrived. It has become the next Portsmouth. It is a bustling, busy and very socially active community whose explosive growth over the last few years has made it into a mecca for younger folks. With a lively, hip scene, this younger generation is living in a walk-able city that provides new restaurants, shops, museums and sports activities, and all kinds of excitement. All of the new construction is allowing for growth in all the sectors; from retail to multifamily to industrial. Places for living, working and playing for the seacoast have been created, and wise investments in infrastructure by the city continue to enhance the experience.

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